AleO´s clothing line is made for the modern woman who likes to complete her outfit with our stylish designs. Specializing in exciting outerwear, and aspirational attire, urban women, those who seek quality fashion and unique designs, choose AleO Moda.  We at AleO aim to deliver stand-out clothing with the latest style elements; from delightful daily treats to sensational formal wear.



Ale O believes that Isis embodies perfectly the resilience represented so perfectly when a woman comes from humble beginnings, yet still rises beyond the finite to embrace the infinite that is her right to claim.

The Dana collection owes its inspiration to the Royal Empress Dana, the Mother of the Divine Creator, has her name rooted in the Old Irish word Dan, which means knowledge.  Her talents lay in the duality of life, male and female and universal inclusion.

Fashion that explores culture through geometric design.  Express your personal style with these comfortable garments, made from linen/hemp blends.

Asymmetric, versatile, and  minimalistic, these pieces owe their silhouettes to the shapes found in nature.

Stylish, and modern, these handbags use geometric inspirations to create liniar shapes in unexpected ways.

These pieces will add an element of the unexpected to your everyday life.

Ale O