About the designer / Alejandra

Stylish activism for those who want to make a difference and aren't afraid of being unique.

Be bold.



Voted as one of the most promising design houses to launch in 2018, Ale O Moda has established itself with accessible modernity, and catered to the urban feminine. Desired and sought after by women who demand not only unique pieces, but looks that will last.  Each collection offers stand alone classics by maintaining an ethos of high quality and consciously driven coordinates that withstand the test of time.


The designer, and CEO of Ale O Moda, Alejandra Oyervides originally heralds from Monterey, Mexico; Mexico’s industrial and economic powerhouse. Raised in a city that covets a culture of green spaces and modern art museums, not unlike Portland, Oregon, Oyervides uses her multi-cultured heritage with a keen eye for minimalism. The designer sees the beauty in simplicity and because of this, is inspired by geometric and asymmetric designs.  Ale O pieces are relaxed while at-the-same-time offering the wearer the bold presence of unpretentious style.

Alejandra, based in Portland, Oregon, launched the Ale O Moda label with the brands Fall 2018 Collection at Fade to Light; A Multi-Dimensional Fashion Experience, during its 2018 show and was quickly selected to show again in the FashioNXT 2018 fashion show; competing with six fellow PNW designers for the title of Best UpNXT Emerging Designer. Ale O not only won the 2018 title, but was also awarded with two recognitions, one from the juried FashioNXT panel of judges, and one for the coveted People´s Choice Award.

Alejandra welcomes you to her world.  It is a world filled with passion and joy, and a world of stylish activism. 

Welcome to the world of Ale O Moda.

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