designed with a purpose and love

ALE O was established in Portland OR in 2018. Birthed from a need for a clothing line designed for the modern woman who knows how to complete an outfit with edgy and stylish designs. Specializing in exciting outerwear and aspirational attire, urban women, those who seek quality fashion with ethos, and unique designs, choose Ale O. At Ale O, we aim to deliver stand-out clothing with the latest style elements: from delightful daily treats for an extra pick-me-up, to sensational formal wear. 


Sustainable and ethical always

Ale O Moda is driven to be both stylish and thoughtfully made; using sustainable, natural materials that have full “Trace-Ability”, and adopting the tenants of slow fashion, Ale O Moda, and Oyervides aspire to a greener world through ecologically minded fashion practices. By using certified fibers, and sourcing with companies that meet “Global Organic Textile Standards” (GOTS), each Ale O Moda creation not only looks amazing, but is good for the environment. With a foundation of thoughtful production, the labels next design journey utilizes the world of eco-conscious materials; fabrics that maintain their luxury while being globally aware.

Expanding beyond clothing, Ale O Moda also offers dynamic jewelry pieces and handbags. The latest jewelry and handbag collection uses Pendleton Woolen Mills sampling cuts, and each piece adds to the simplicity, naturalism, and elegance of wearable architecture that is an Ale O Moda item.

Neutral colors and geometric designs for an iconic and modern woman