Ale O

Isis Black Kaleidoscope Top


Constructed from fabric inspired by the dying technique known as Bògòlanfini, or Malian mud-cloth, this sleeveless high collar shell has an iconographic print of butterflies across it’s front and back. Just so you know, a flock of butterflies is also known as a kaleidoscope, which is why we’ve, name this sleeveless shell the Kaleidoscope Top. Because a kaleidoscope constantly generates shifting symmetrical patterns it symbolizes change and this blouse is made for change; changing weather and changing outfits. The blouse partners effortlessly with the sheer hem skirt for a bold layered look. Linen/Cotton Blend

  • Ruffled Collar Neckline
  • Hi-Lo Hemline
  • Machine Wash Gentle
  • Oregon Made

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