Ale O

Single Delta Long Tunic

Color: Navy

The Single Delta Long Tunic is made to be layered and we suggest you pair it with the Cropped Palazzo Pant or the Pleated Skirt. Everything about this tunic is timeless, from the draped high collar, to the mutton chop sleeves that draw the eye upward toward the wearer. Even the front opening, inspired by the Delta of the Nile River, points up toward the face. Modern, yet romantic, this tunic is a must have for the winter wardrobe. A side zipper and inseam pockets make this a joy to wear and it's sure to draw comments from admiring onlookers. As with everything AleO, linen brings a rich texture and allows the wearer to bridge the divide between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. This tunic partners well with the AleO trouser or the pleated skirt and allows for any and all weather shifts. If you get one item this fall, then this effortless exploration of silhouettes should be your first choice.

  • Linen
  • High Draped Collar
  • Long Mutton Sleeves
  • Side Seam Pockets
  • Machine Wash Gentle
  • Oregon Made

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