Ale O Grand Opening Flagship

Since starting my line in 2018, I've always dreamed of owning my own studio, a space that acts as a store front, a place for me to get away from working at home, and would be dedicated to doing what I love.
On Friday June 26, 2020, I was proud to finally accomplish my goal and opened the doors of Ale O's first flagship location. Surrounded by customers old and new, family, and my friends, we cut the ribbon and officially opened the store!
Due to the pandemic, it was hard to remain hopeful and motivated to continue sewing, designing, and believing in myself! As did many other businesses, I had to shift my products to meet the customers needs: face masks. This helped to generate me sales, reach a larger audience, donate food and money to food banks and homeless shelters, and to also keep me moving.
I knew that if I gave up on myself, that would be the end.
Working hard everyday to keep dreaming, working, and pushing myself to open Ale O has been the MOST rewarding accomplishment. I hope this also serves as a reminder to other small businesses, entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, believers... anything is possible with perseverance, dedication, and of course the help of the community.

At Ale O, we value:

  • Sustainability and using recycled or sustainable materials
  • Ethically sourced materials with verified vendors
  • Fashion is timeless, and so should the pieces you purchase
  • Clothing should be comfortable to wear any day. It should empower you to feel as confident and strong as you can be.
  • Supporting the community by donating percentage of sales to non-profits