Ale O

Isis Deel Cape in Black


Inspired by the high neck wrap of the Mongolian Deel, this beautiful Cashmere Wool cape has two distinct design cues.The first, a prominent seam that runs diagonal from right to left, beginning at the neck, ending at the right wrist. The second a prominent Tibetan wool accent on the back for a touch of the avant garde. Modern yet tribal, the cape boasts a stunning high to low hemline that brings another aesthetic layer to the piece, adding an further to the garments asymmetry. This tailored cape will not only offer cozy utility, but will keep the wearer warm as well as stylish.

  • Cashmere/Wool/Tibetan Wool
  • High Collar neck
  • Cape
  • Hi-Lo hemline
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Oregon Made 

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